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$9.99 Lobsters on Mondays

Eat This Now: $9.99 Whole Maine Lobsters at Ways and Means Oyster House Wednesday, April 13, 2016 at 6:27 a.m. By Taylor Hamby You know what sucks worse than Mondays? Being broke on a Monday after a weekend of spending like Bernie Sanders is already in the White House. Luckily, Ways & Means Oysters in Huntington Beach has created a way to make Mondays suck less–and you don't even need a $15 minimum wage hike to afford it.  The mid-scale seafood spot at Huntington Beach's Pacific City (formerly located at the Orange Circle) hosts a range of daily specials such as Wine Wednesday, but it's the Monday special that's the star: $9.99 whole Maine lobsters. That's right. Not just the tail, not just the head, and no, you don't have to catch it out of a claw machine to get it. A full Maine lobster, cooked fresh and shells neatly cut for easy eating. Served with a lemon and side of butter.  The