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Del Taco helping with that New Year's resoluton

How’s that New Year’s Resolution coming along? According to a  recent study , 80-percent of people ditch their New Year’s Resolutions by the second week of February. Not a huge surprise since diet trends and exercise routines don’t fit into busy schedules, and let’s face it, sometimes we’re just bored with the blandness of it all! There are only so many days can you eat boiled chicken and brown rice! But with tons of fresh, better-for-you options available at the  everyday  value and convenience of a Del Taco drive-thru, you can satisfy your Mexican cravings without the guilt.  Del Taco features a slew of  convenient, inexpensive everyday  menu options – including salads, tacos and bowls –that won’t tip the scale  or  break the bank: ·           Guests can opt to substitute seasoned turkey, now with  40% less fat  than the restaurant’s seasoned beef, on any menu item, including the brand’s best-selling menu item EVER:  The Del Taco ·           Handcrafted Ensaladas , a